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Financial Freedom Blueprint

A Masterclass for the Woman Ready to Write Her Success Story




Learn how to significantly boost your income as a coach, turning expertise into profit.

Master the art of building a financially resilient coaching business that thrives in any economy.

Learn how to create and tap into multiple revenue sources, ensuring a steady and growing income.

You Will Learn


Hi, I'm Nereida, and I love helping women make more money

My mission is simple: To change how women see and interact with money. In my perspective, what's often seen as a barrier is actually a gateway — a portal to a life overflowing with purpose, freedom, and joy. I'm here to guide you through dismantling those financial barriers that hold you back, ushering you into a world of endless potential and rich abundance.

The Financial Freedom Blueprint is a rallying call for female entrepreneurs in the coaching industry. It’s about equipping you with the tools to not just dream, but do. To not just plan, but execute. Welcome to the first day of your financial revolution.

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This isn’t just any masterclass. 

"I now see money as an ally, not an adversary."

The strategies and insights I gained have not only boosted my income but also transformed the way I approach my business finances.

Michelle T.,
business coach