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Dive deep into transformative strategies that shatter your income ceiling, opening doors to boundless prosperity and financial freedom.

Unlock Your Full Earning Potential?


Embark on a journey to redefine your money story, cultivating a loving and empowered relationship with your finances.

Transform Your Relationship with Money?


Harness the power of your mindset to effortlessly attract abundance, creating a life that aligns with your wildest dreams and desires.

Manifest Your Dream Life with Ease?


Liberate yourself from the chains of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that have been holding back your financial growth and success.

Break Free from Limiting Beliefs?


Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you’re in the throes of financial stress, you might be experiencing the following…

Constantly worrying about money, making it hard to see growth opportunities

Feeling stuck due to limiting beliefs around money, hindering the ability to earn what you deserve

Inconsistency and unpredictability in income, causing a lack of financial security and planning

Feeling isolated

Overwhelmed and confused about how to effectively manage and maximize money

Hey there, it’s Nereida

You might be scrolling through Instagram, wondering how everyone seems to have it all figured out. But here’s the inside scoop: behind the glitz and glamor, everyone’s just as scared and uncertain as you are. It’s like a universal secret that no one talks about.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, it’s easy to feel like you’re the issue. Maybe you think you’re not witty or wise enough, or perhaps you believe that a flashy new marketing strategy is the golden ticket. The hustle can be all-consuming, making you believe that just a bit more effort will make everything fall into place.

But here’s a nugget of truth: transformation doesn’t start with more hustle; it starts with your MINDSET. Whether you’re grinding to land your first client, eager to ditch the 9-to-5, or somewhere between six and seven figures, those pesky money blocks always find a way back.

You might find yourself drowning in thoughts like, "I’ll have to grind even harder," or "I’m out of ideas and clients." That’s usually when people discover the magic in what I do because they’re searching for that elusive puzzle piece to elevate their income without the burnout.

So, what’s the real game-changer? It’s not about chasing the latest trends or expanding your squad. And it’s definitely not about working yourself to the bone. The real difference lies in mastering your money mindset. It’s about feeling the fear but not letting it slam the brakes on your journey.

Since starting my business, I’ve raked in over $3 million in my online business, but guess what? I still have those moments of doubt, fear, and second-guessing. Yep, even the successful ones like us feel that way.

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Through my transformative coaching, I’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous individuals towards financial enlightenment. The shift isn’t just in their bank accounts; it’s a deep, internal transformation that reverberates through every aspect of their lives.


Throughout my career, I’ve…

real results

Coached clients to eliminate debt swiftly, paving the way for financial freedom and stress-free living.

real results

Empowered entrepreneurs to double their income within months through mindset shifts and strategic financial planning. 

real results

Assisted individuals in unlocking lucrative investment opportunities previously unseen due to limiting beliefs.

real results

Guided clients in developing abundant mindsets, leading to the attraction of higher-paying job opportunities and promotions.

real results

Facilitated the transformation of clients’ financial lives, resulting in the ability to fund dream vacations, luxury homes, and early retirements. 

Introducing the...

A 12-week group coaching journey to transform your money mindset, guided by Nereida, your expert Money Mindset Coach



Here’s What You Get When Your Join the Prosperity Collective

Dive into six comprehensive modules packed with actionable strategies and insights that you can start applying 

Six Transformational Training Modules

Gain unlimited access to a vault of inspiring and practical videos, each one crafted to guide you through the exact strategies you need to become a magnet for abundance and success.

Lifetime Access to Empowering Content

Engage with thoughtfully designed workbooks and exercises that will be your roadmap, helping you to absorb and implement the powerful lessons from each module.

Comprehensive Workbook & Exercises

Tune in to our exclusive podcast, allowing you to absorb valuable insights and lessons on the go, ensuring that inspiration is always within reach, wherever you are.

Exclusive Access to a Private Podcast

Experience the transformative power of live monthly coaching sessions, filled with fresh insights, strategies, and the opportunity to connect and engage in real-time.

Live Monthly Coaching Sessions

Become part of a private community of incredible entrepreneurs, a space where you can connect, share, and grow alongside like-minded individuals on a similar journey to financial prosperity.

Access a Community of Entrepreneurs

Each element of the Prosperity Collective is meticulously designed to support, guide, and empower you on your journey to financial abundance and success.

Kind Words from Extraordinary People

"Joining the Prosperity Collective was a game-changer! Nereida’s strategies and guidance helped me break free from my limiting beliefs, and now I’m on a clear path to financial success. The community is also incredibly supportive!"

Samantha J., Health Coach

"The practical tools and exercises in this course are invaluable. I’ve learned so much about managing and maximizing wealth, and I feel more confident in making financial decisions. Highly recommended!"

Michelle T., business coach

"Nereida’s coaching style is both compassionate and empowering. I feel more aligned with prosperity than ever before."

Linda K., Leadership coach

"The Prosperity Collective isn’t just a course; it’s a transformative experience. The modules are comprehensive, and the community is amazing for networking and support. It’s been instrumental in my journey to financial freedom."

Raya p., Entrepreneur

"I love the flexibility of this course! Being able to access the content anytime and anywhere allowed me to integrate the lessons seamlessly into my life. The private podcast is also a fantastic touch!"

Isabella R., Career coach

"It’s more than a course; it’s a roadmap to financial prosperity."

Heather W., Tarot reader

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Unlock the doors to the ultimate Money Mindset training and become part of an extraordinary community dedicated to supporting your journey to financial abundance. Choose the investment plan that aligns best with your needs and join us in the Prosperity Collective today.

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Asked Questions

Q. What exactly does the Prosperity Collective course cover?

Answer: The Prosperity Collective is a comprehensive 12-week group coaching program that focuses on transforming your money mindset. The course includes six detailed training modules, live monthly coaching sessions, access to a private community of like-minded individuals, and a wealth of practical tools and resources, including workbooks, exercises, and an exclusive podcast.

Q. Who is this course suitable for?

Answer: This course is perfect for anyone looking to overcome financial challenges, break through income plateaus, and cultivate a prosperity mindset. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or someone passionate about personal development and financial growth, this course is designed to cater to various needs and stages of the financial journey.

Q. How is the course content delivered?

Answer: The course offers a flexible and diverse range of content delivery methods, including online training modules, motivating videos, live coaching sessions, and an exclusive podcast. All materials are accessible via mobile and tablet, allowing you to engage with the content anytime, anywhere.

Q. Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?

Answer: Yes, you will receive lifetime access to all the course materials, allowing you to revisit the content, refresh your knowledge, and continue benefiting from the resources as your financial journey evolves.

Q. What kind of support can I expect during the course?

Answer: The Prosperity Collective offers robust support throughout your journey. You’ll benefit from the guidance of community mentors, live monthly coaching sessions, and a private community of individuals who are on a similar path, ensuring that you always have a network of support and expertise to lean on.

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Unleash your potential and step into a world where financial abundance is not just a dream, but a reality. In this supportive community, you’ll gain the tools and  strategies to elevate your money mindset and manifest your dreams. 

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